«Monolit Company» beams H20:
Right solutions for the best prices

«Monolit Company» offers:

✓ beams H20 МС
✓ construction equipment
✓ high-quality slab formwork
✓ timber beams for slab scaffold

H20 beams from «Monolit Company» are produced of the highest quality pine and birch wood and provide reliability and functionality during the work.

Our advantages:

✓ We produce beams 150 cm to 600 cm in length.
✓ Webs are produced of the 3-ply boards of solid wood, ensuring a high load capacity and durability in different environmental conditions of operation.
✓ Special technology of beams production with protecting the ends by highly durable resilient plastic caps, protects the beams from damage, chipping ensuring the durability of products during the works.
✓ Beams with a hydrophobic coating provide longer life of the products.
✓ Products length is printed on each beam for convenience and ease of use.
✓ The formwork quality meets the European standards ISO17025 and EN13377, also the products conform with Russian National standards GOST-R.

Our customers value our quality and services and therefore the geography of shipping is constantly expanding.

Our timber beams are bought by customers in Russia, the USA, Australia, Argentina, Austria, Poland, Israel, Kazakhstan, and others.

We produce formworks just-in-time according to the customer’s orders, providing the highest quality and respecting the deadlines, we deliver to the clients’ warehouses and construction objects.

«Monolit Company» — the formwork manufacturer
Tel.:: +7 (926) 530 3802, +7 (926)159 2102
E-mail: info@beam-h20.com
We offer to rent any slab formwork type on advantageous terms.
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